More customers in less time.

Sounds unlikely, but with Go5Live™ enabling buyers from local, regional and international locations to purchase from your market, it’s a reality. Go5Live™ allows you to run your market online-allowing for faster sales, transparent pricing and easier accounting by linking each of your customers and suppliers to you. The benefits in time and cost savings, tip the scales.

How it works

Both suppliers and buyers are linked to your market by the Go5Live™ software. Stock or goods enter your marketplace and are displayed online for the buyer to view and buy. They leave your market place after being sold. The supplier receives payment, you as the market place receives your share and the buyer has paid market value price for their goods of choice-all from a computer anywhere in the world.

All receive real time account information including invoices and stock amounts that are able to be viewed 24/7. There is no other software sales solution on offer.

Imagine running your market from the Whitsunday’s with a laptop.

This is the reality of Go5Live™.

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