Go5Live™ is an online business to business market place for perishable commodities. It is designed for both buyers and sellers allowing the trading of fresh flowers, fish, coffee and other perishable commodities to trade online and in real time. A seller has a global customer base; a buyer a global marketplace.

Go5Live™ heralds the next generation of online trading software focused specifically on the primary and perishable industry.

  • Imagine as a buyer purchasing products from up to 5 different markets at a time and from anywhere in the world in real time
  • Imagine as a market place owner, being able to reduce you sales time and dealing with all of your customers at the click of a mouse
  • Imagine as a supplier, if all your stock went to the one marketplace and you received quicker returns with more transparency

This is the reality of Go5Live™ and we invite you to share it.